The PSME program offers:
  • A rigorous introduction to advanced economic theory and econometrics
  • Initial specialization in economic subfields through electives in the second semester
  • An application of theory and methods to contemporary economic policy and practice with a strong focus on international issues
  • Intercultural skills through project work in international teams
  • French language skills through year-long courses accompanying the programme


The PSME curriculum includes a comprehensive treatment of modern theory and empirical techniques. Students receive general training through core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic growth and econometrics (Fall semester courses), as well as in more specialized fields (Spring semester courses). The general training gives the foundations necessary for graduate studies in economics, and exposure to applied fields will help students wishing to choose a specialization for their second year.

Specially-designed field courses include Finance, Globalization and European Economics, Development and Transition Economics, Industrial Organization, History of Economic Thought, Political Economy, Economics of Organizations, Labor Economics, and Population Economics.

In addition to classical training in economic theory, the students will also learn French, at beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, depending on their initial fluency of the language. Given that the student has shown a sufficient improvement in French as a foreign language, the possibility to take one or two courses thaught in French from other Sorbonne Economics Programs exists.

All Economics Lectures are held in small classes of no more than 60 students. Tutorials are organised in smaller classes (no more then 20 students) for all courses within the first semester, to help students understand the courses and do exercises. French courses are given in classes of about 20 students.

All students prepare an extended essay (M1 dissertation) during the second semester. The dissertation has to be prepared with one of the PSME Professors as a supervisor.

Download the PSME infosheet for a round-up of all relevant information about the PSME program.