The Double Degree program offers:
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the economies, economic policies, strategies, theories & practices of Europe and East Asia
  • Insights into developments and consequences of globalization for multinational enterprises and policy makers
  • Insights into socio-economic and institutional differences between countries in Europe and Asia
  • The ability to master and to apply tools of modern economic analysis to issues touching upon both regions
  • The capacity to evaluate critically different approaches to development analysis and policy
  • Thorough experience of two different cultures and lifestyles in two of the most dynamic megacities in the world

Double Degree Program

This double degree program aims to provide cutting-edge education in Economics at the graduate level and offers you to obtain a truly global view on the development of the world economy. The faculties of the University of Paris 1 PanthÈon-Sorbonne and Fudan University in Shanghai, which are among the leading Economics Departments in their respective countries, have combined their efforts to organize an innovative international Masters Program specialized in Economics of Globalization and World Economy. Since 2008 this program has successfully trained both non-Chinese and Chinese economists who will become key-experts in Euro-Chinese economic relations.

Additionally, the students choosing this program benefit from a thorough understanding of both cultures through an immersion into two different study environments as they will spend one year studying at Paris 1 doing the PSME program and 1 year studying at Fudan University in Shanghai. Students will receive after their graduation a master degree from each school.

Program Structure

The first academic year (fall, spring and summer semesters) will be organized in Paris 1 starting from October. For the first two semesters, students will be enrolled in the PanthÈon-Sorbonne Master in Economics (PSME). Only students who will have successfully completed the first two semesters will be allowed to continue. For the third (summer) semester, they will be provided classes specifically organized for them, corresponding to core courses offered in the regular 2nd year program of the Master in Globalization Economics Master in Globalization Economics.

The first semester of the program provides rigorous training in economic theory and consists of four large compulsory courses exposing students to both micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics at the graduate level. Thorough understanding of the material covered will be ensured through a combination of lectures and tutorials in small groups. The courses offered in the second semester have been predetermined in cooperation with Fudan University. You will take the first steps towards your specialization on economics of globalization by receiving an introduction to particular fields of economics that are shaping the contemporary global economy. Among others, courses will be provided on topics such as industrial organisation, development economics or an introduction to finance.

During the months of June and July, short and intensive classes will be provided on core subjects of the second year M.Phil. Economics of Globalization at Pantheon-Sorbonne University. The intensive summer semester programme is a prerequisite for also obtaining the Master’s degree from Paris after your year in Shanghai.

Studies in the second year at the prestigious School of Economics at Fudan University are part of the Master in World Economy. In the first semester taught courses are specializing in a broad range of aspects that are related to the interdependencies of the global economy with the greater China region, also encompassing East and Southeast Asia. The second semester is entirely devoted to the elaboration of an advanced research master thesis under joint supervision of a Paris 1 and a Fudan supervisor.

Download the M2 Fudan infosheet for a round-up of all relevant information about the Double Degree program.